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A quarterly history podcast about nudity and the counter culture.

Naked Age is a quarterly podcast series exploring uncommon people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to incorporate nudity into their lives. It's an interview series profiling activists, artists, individualists and misfits who have a singular point of view on the world. Hosted by Evan Nicks.


What is Naked Age?

Naked Age delves into the world of nudism and naturism through interviews with individuals who have unique perspectives on the nudity as a way of life. Evan seeks out people with interesting and compelling stories to share about their experiences with nudism and the interviews often delve into personal and philosophical topics related to the relationship between the human body and society. Each episode also includes historical research to provide context and background for the accomplishments of the interviewee. The podcast aims to shed light on the many different reasons people choose to live a nudist or naturist lifestyle and to challenge common misconceptions about the community. Through these conversations, Naked Age hopes to create a deeper understanding and acceptance of the nudist and naturist lifestyle.



A nudist researcher with a storyteller point of view

Evan Nicks is the host of Naked Age, a podcast about the cultural significance of nudity. With a background in filmmaking and a passion for naturism, Evan brings a unique perspective to the topic of public and private nudity. He has conducted extensive research and interviews with individuals from various naturist communities to create engaging and informative episodes. In addition to hosting Naked Age, Evan is a director of the Western Nudist Research Library and a contributing producer to the New Nudist Podcast.


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Naked Age is supported in part by a sponsorship grant from the AANR Education Foundation. The AANR Education Foundation is a charitable partner of the American Association for Nude Recreation, providing grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals that support the Foundations goals and objectives, which are to educate the public about the values and benefits of nude recreation, and to ensure an understanding of nudism and its rightful status as a social and recreational practice.

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